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No Time to Die continues to be known for making history, and there’s a point when Daniel Craig finally made an entry into James Bond’s movie canon that built its way. Since Ben Whishaw’s Q was written to have a gay romance storyline in the 25th James Bond movie, it can be seen as another sign of the series’s progress. However, looking at how the scene turned out in the way it happened, Whishaw himself feels that more could have been done.

In an interview with The Guardian, Whishaw, a gay himself, stated that he felt that moment had been underplayed, although he felt it came from a good place in general.

Whishaw said:

I suppose I don’t feel it was forced upon the studio. That was not my impression of how this came about. I think it came from a good place. And I think I remember feeling something like what you’ve just described. I think I thought, “Are we doing this, and then doing nothing with it?’ I remember, perhaps, feeling that was unsatisfying.

Whishaw continued:

For whatever reason, I didn’t pick it apart with anybody on the film. Maybe on another kind of project I would have done? But it’s a very big machine. I thought a lot about whether I should question it. Finally, I didn’t. I accepted this was what was written. And I said the lines. And it is what it is.

While the introduction of No Time to Die for LGBTQ + character may not be satisfying, the franchise will have a chance to do better in the future. While Craig’s time as Bond is over, the franchise continues. The new Bond is yet to be named, a number of actors are being considered, including the possibility of Black Bond with actors like Rege-Jean Page and Idris Elba in consideration for the part.

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