NBA Player Juancho Hernangómez Talks About His Bromance With Adam Sandler


Juancho Hernangómez, an NBA player and first-time actor, had heard of Adam Sandler before starring alongside him in Netflix’s Hustle, but he was not much of a fan.

Hernangómez, the Utah Jazz player, tells EW in an interview while on break in his home in Spain that it was love at first sight when he got to meet the Uncut Gems star, Adam Sandler.

Coming from Spain, I know his movies, of course, but I never was a fan. From the first day we got through chemistry and fitting, we loved each other so much. He loved me like his older son, and I looked at him like my dad. We had a good relationship in every way. He took care of me from the first day.

Although both of their backgrounds are as varied as their heights, the pair instantly connected through their mutual love of basketball.

He loves basketball; he really, really, really loves it. He watches all the games; he texts me after the games. It’s crazy how good our relationship is. We spent so much time together; we developed some good chemistry.

Despite having never acted before, Hernangómez gives a compelling, empathic portrayal of Bo Cruz in Hustle. He is a phenomenally skilled amateur basketball player with a significant chip on his shoulder. When NBA scout Stanley Sugerman (Adam Sandler) notices Bo’s abilities in a street game, he offers him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try out for the big leagues.


Hernangómez was hesitant to participate in the film, stating that he did not want to spend his time doing something he didn’t love. He also stated that Sandler gave him acting advice and methods during filming.

He just told me to be me. Enjoy yourself, enjoy every day. Just be you, be normal. You have a lot of takes, don’t worry about anything. Just seeing how he works every single day sets the best example ever, how he gets into character, how he can scream when he needs to scream, cry when he needs to cry, be dramatic when he had to be dramatic.

Hustle has its share of dramatic moments off the court, but there’s no shortage of basketball in this sports drama. We’ve seen Hernangómez play before, and his particular combination of emotions and ability gave the film a fresh perspective.