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Jake Johnson has finally found a way back to the television. From playing sweet yet interesting characters like Nick Miller, New Girl’s jaded bartender romantic hero to Peter B. Parker, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-sad Verse’s sad and soft superhero. He has found a character that is worth doing, he’s never felt better than he does now, playing an explicit peddler in the new comedy series Minx.

In HBO Max‘s new raunch-com, Minx, Jake has channeled a different personality to portray Doug Renetti. He was a shady erotic magazine publisher in 1970s Los Angeles. Skin magazines like Randy Republicans and Secretary Secrets keep Doug’s Bottom Dollar Publications head above water, but with the decade’s tidal wave of liberated women, Doug sees a remunerative emerging market.

Dough sees an aspiring publisher unsuccessfully shopping around a revolutionary women’s liberation magazine and finds a hesitant business associate in Joyce Prigger. They collaborate to establish Minx, the first erotic magazine for the female gaze; within its glossy pages, groundbreaking stories on birth control and household pay are wedged between vibrator adverts and splashy pinups of nude firefighters.

Jake Johnson knew that this character is different from others and said while talking to Esquire,

I thought, My only job is to not screw this up.

When talking about the show, Minx, he talked as an advocate about the women in the show process and says that Doug is a modern and free-thinking businessman whose stellar leadership team is largely exclusively comprised of women.

The idea of somebody not being a feminist is insane to me. My definition of feminism—and I am fully a feminist—is that women are as capable as men are. That’s how I think everybody deep down feels, I hope. If not, what world are you living in?

Jake Johnson is looking forward to his next great character living a long and happy life. He believes Doug Renetti has the a potential, a type of character who can go the distance.

Something iconic and exciting. I’d like Doug even if it wasn’t me playing him.

Jake Johnson has a lot of hope for his new character, Doug and so do we! Can’t wait to see what Minx has to offer on 17 March.

Bernard Bond

Bernard Bond is a leading expert in celebrity journalism and a television critic.