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Melanie Lynskey is having the best year of her career owing to the Yellowjackets. The actress’s performance as Shauna has landed her first Emmy nomination.

Lynskey was nominated for Lead Actress on Tuesday, while the Showtime series got a total of seven nominations, including one for Outstanding Drama Series and another for her co-star Christina Ricci.

Melanie Lynskey reacted to the news of her nomination in a recent interview, “I’m not used to this. This is my first nomination. I’m not used to having these mornings where people are like, ‘Congratulations.’ So, it’s really, really lovely.”


Her excitement does not end there, she also shares how her husband Jason Ritter reacted to the announcement of her Emmy nomination.

“He’s so excited. We had a little cry, I mean, it’s really sweet. He made some toast for me while I was in the middle of talking to people. He made some toast that he cut into the shape of the word “Emmy,” which took a lot of time I think. And it was really cute. So yeah, he’s really happy. And it’s nice he’s not the only Emmy nominee in the house anymore.”


She also addresses how Yellowjackets has impacted her, particularly with all of the acclaim and awards, and where she sees things heading in the future.

“With my career, I already felt very lucky to be in the position I was in. So, I don’t know if anything’s gonna be different. I’ve never really had to worry about, like, carving time out for publicity. I’ve always done, like, two-day junkets for whatever independent movie I was in and that’s been it. So, a new thing for me is magazines and publicity and stuff like that. Other than that, I am just excited that we get to make more and hopefully more seasons of Yellowjackets.

Yellowjackets is available to stream on Showtime.


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