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Michel Smith Boyd, a luxury home designer who have styled several luxurious mansions for celebrities in Atlanta, now wants to do something for the mass. The designer will be seen in an upcoming show named Luxe for Less where he will be renovating houses in a budget-friendly way.

The famous designer was seen supporting the idea of thrifting in a recent interview with Ebony. Boyd believes that thrifting is the best way to have high-end products at cheaper prices but also says you need a lot of analytics before purchasing a thrifted item.

luxe for less

Boyd says, “You have to consider, why is this only $5? Is it something amazing that’s $5 or are you excited because it’s $5? I would leave room for discovery, but I also like the idea of having a loose list of what we’re looking for if it actually makes sense in our home. How much do you need it? Will you use it? Can you gift it? Those are my criteria.”

He further mentioned that it actually enhances the beauty of a house and there should be no shame in purchasing thrifts when he says, “I enjoy thrifting. It’s an incredible opportunity and lots of fun. Searching and finding something is like an adult treasure hunt. But remember, it’s only a deal if you needed it, to begin with,”

Luxe for Less is available to watch on  HGTV on December 1.

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