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Love Island‘s Jacques O’Neill revealed that he cried as he watched his exit sequences from the ITV2 show with his mother Janet Wright.

The rugby player left the villa on Tuesday when Adam, the new bombshell, set his eyes on his partner Paige Thorne. O’Neill expressed concern that he might ‘lose control’ and wind up ‘becoming aggressive’ in the villa, so he decided to quit the show.

He recently spoke to Aftersun about his emotional farewell, “The first thing I did when I got home was watch the episode with my mum – that last episode. I said to my mum ‘listen I’ve got no more tears left’. I’d been so emotional. I literally stuck it on and put a brave face on for my mum and looked at her and we were just like ‘offt'”


Jacques O’Neill also spoke about regarding Paige’s new relationship with Adam. “She’s doing what she’s doing in there, that’s what I told her and I f***ed up in Casa I hold my hands up.”

According to sources, Jacques hoped Paige would accompany him out of the villa following his dramatic exit. As per his friend, seeing Paige stay in the villa and embrace Adam has been a huge blow for Jacques.

“He’s told us he is besotted with Paige and there was a part of him that hoped she would realize that she missed him too and follow him out of the villa. But it’s clear she has moved on.”

He went on to say that his mother had to leave the family home in Leeds due to death threats following his infidelities on the show, making his mother fear for her safety.

Maryam Ahtesham

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