Love Island Season 8 Premiers With 2.4 Million Viewers


Season 8 of Love Island premiered on ITV2 on Monday night with an estimate of 2.4 million viewers. The 90-minute episode, which introduced the first eleven Islanders, as they’re called, peaked at 3.0 million viewers about thirty minutes in, when the participants were paired up for the first time.

While the numbers were impressive, specifically for the targeted demographic that were around 1.1 million new viewers, the overall average was lower than previous seasons, according to Broadcast, which noted that the premiere episodes in January 2020 and June 2021 both averaged 2.7 million translating as a 13.7 percent and 12.8 percent audience share respectively.

Love Island also trended on Twitter, with people commenting on the candidates, especially the fact that one of the youngest Islanders – soccer player Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma – is just 19 years old.

Other Twitter subscribers also pointed out that in the first round of pairings, which were voted on by the public, saw all of the competitors of colors were matched with one another.

Love Island is one of ITV’s greatest cash cows, thanks to commercial ties with firms like eBay, advertising, and selling the format throughout the world. However, the show has been plagued with controversy, ranging from a lack of diversity among the competitors to the deaths of two former Islanders and the show’s previous host, Caroline Flack, in last three years.

People yet still watch the reality series and in fact love it.