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A live-action movie of The Princess and the Frog is reportedly in the works.

During the Walt’s Apartment podcast, the crew revealed that Disney is currently searching for writers and a director for the movie.

The Princess and the Frog, a romantic version of a well-known classic, was released in 2009. Set in 1920s New Orleans, the film follows Tiana, a dedicated waitress who dreams of running her own restaurant. She becomes a frog after kissing Prince Naveen, who has been turned into a frog by an evil witch doctor named Dr. Facilier, and must find a means to turn back into a human before it is too late.

Princess and the Frog

Disney announced in December 2020 that a television spin-off titled Tiana will premiere on Disney+. It will be one of the first Walt Disney Animation Studios spin-off series to be produced by the company rather than Disney Television Animation.

Tiana will be directed by Stella Meghie. Meghie apparently attempted to lobby for a live-action adaptation of the original material, which was later rejected.

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