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Kumail Nanjiani and Annaleigh Ashford, the stars of Welcome to Chippendales, are engaged to be married in the show, but it turns out that their chemistry was extremely strong even before they shot their first scene together.

In a recent interview on ScreenRant, when the actors were inquired about how they developed their on-screen chemistry, Nanjiani says, “It really was pretty immediate, wasn’t it?”

Ashford agrees, stating that it was incredible how quickly they discovered the character’s love language and instantly started acting accordingly. She says, “Yeah, we’re kindred spirits. We also right away, we realized that their love language was numbers. And there was something sort of like wonderful and unusual about that, that we both thought was delightful.”

Banerjee and Irene
Banerjee and Irene

The actors further talk about how they struggled to find their position in their first scene together, which turned out to be one of the most stunning and sensual ones. They added that it was very enjoyable for them as actors to portray characters who are still struggling to discover their love zone.

Nanjiani says, “It was so great because that was one of the first scenes we shot together. And we knew each other a little bit, but to see you work and knock out that really long monologue. I saw you figuring out what to do with the props and everything. It was just really, really fun. So the look on my face is actually real. I’m just watching her talk about numbers and math. And it’s like this scene of seduction. It’s wonderful.”

Welcome to Chippendales is available to watch on Hulu.

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