Korean actor Kim Hee-sun to return to silver screen after 19 years


On Monday, distribution firm Mindmark announced Kim Hee-sun, a Korean actor, will return to the big screen after a 19-year absence with the film Sweet.

The production of Sweet has just begun. Yoo Hai-jin, Cha In-pyo, Jin Seon-kyu, Jung Da-eun, and Han Sun-hwa are also among the cast members. The film will follow the narrative of Chi-ho, a researcher at a candy firm who specializes in producing addictive tastes, as played by Yoo. His life changes when he meets Il-young, played by Kim, a customer service representative.

Cha will portray Chi-older ho’s brother Seok-ho, with whom Chi-ho has a strained relationship. Byung-hoon, the attractive son of the CEO of the confectionery firm, will be played by Jin Seon-kyu.


Kim Hee-sun was engaged in Korean film until the early 2000s after making her debut in 1993, appearing in Bichunmoo (2000) and Wanee & Junah (2001). She also made her Chinese cinema debut in Jackie Chan’s 2005 feature The Myth. Her most recent Korean cinema performance was in A Letter From Mars in 2003, although she has remained active on the small screen, appearing in K-dramas Faith (2012), Angry Mom (2015), The Lady in Dignity (2017), and Tomorrow (2022).

The script is written by Lee Byeong-heon and directed by Lee Han, who previously helmed the drama film Innocent Witness.

Sweet will be released in local cinemas next year.