K-Drama ‘Anna’ edited by Coupang Play without director’s consent


Lee Joo-young, the director of the Coupang Play original series Anna, claims that the streaming platform made significant changes to the show without her permission.

Anna is a psychological thriller starring Bae Suzy that was released on June 24. It is about a young woman named Yu-mi who abandons her real identity and uses the name Anna due to a mistake she committed.


On Tuesday, Joo-young issued a statement through her law company, Siwoo. “Coupang Play excluded me the director and unilaterally edited ‘Anna’ and released it to the public. Not only was the length of the show cut, but it also tampered with the structure and order of the scenes which interfered with the show’s narrative, filming, editing and intention. It has not responded to any of my comments and requests so far. If it continues to ignore my requests, we will take legal action.”

In the statement, Lee labelled the public version of Anna as unrecognizable, and Coupang Play’s actions as unique in the business. She went on to explain that she asked Coupang Play to remove her name from the credits section as the play’s director and writer, but her request was also disregarded.


Lee asked Coupang Play to issue a public apology to her and the series’ crew, as well as to remove her name from the altered six-episode version and to broadcast the eight-part series she had submitted them.

Coupang Play is a subscription-based streaming service established in December 2020 by e-commerce company Coupang.