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Johnny Depp continued his 2nd day of testimony in his $50 million defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard. He explained the deterioration of their relationship and what he said were physical and emotional abuse on her part.

Johnny Depp told in graphic detail the March 2015 argument with Amber Heard that led to severing his middle right finger.

That incident has come up several times in the defamation trial, as his attorneys have claimed that Heard was physically abusive and harsh, not him.

Depp said that he lost the tip of his finger when Heard, visiting his rented home in Australia as he was completing Pirates of the Caribbean 5, threw a vodka bottle at him, and the glass smashed.

That day, Heard had come from a flight from Los Angeles but was upset over a meeting she’d had with an attorney concerned about Depp’s request for the “post-nuptial” agreement. Heard, Depp told, said that the attorney was disrespectful and dismissive to her.

Depp told the jury:

She kept saying, ‘I am not even in your will. I am not even in your will.’ I thought it was odd to say … it felt wrong, and she would not let go of the fact that I was in on this post-nuptial agreement, and I was trying to trick into getting nothing if something were to do happen.

He said that their dispute escalated & that Heard “was irate and she was possessed” and she called him an “ass kisser to lawyers” or “pussy.” He said he tried to shut himself in a bathroom and at least nine rooms, but she hit on the doors and screamed. He told that he called Jake Bloom, his lawyer, to try to contact the attorneys on the phone because “I was very upset that she was pushed to that limit because I believed it. None of it had happened.”

Depp said that he ultimately went to the home’s downstairs rec space, where he poured himself two, three shots of vodka despite being sober for several months.

Depp said:

“She found me there [and said], ‘Oh, you are drinking again, a monster and all that,'” 

He said that Heard held the bottle and hurled it at him and that it went right past his head and hit behind him. He told that he then walked behind the bar and poured himself a shot from a huge bottle of vodka. Depp stood up in the witness box as he explained how he was standing when, he said, Heard took the other bottle & threw it at him.

But he said that he felt dripping:

“My hand was on the edge of the bar, and she threw the large bottle, and it made contact and shattered everywhere, and I honestly didn’t feel the pain at all. I looked down & realized the tip of my finger had been severed.”

He said that:

“I was looking directly at my bone sticking out and the meaty portion of the inside of your finger. And blood was pouring out. He then went into “some sort of nervous breakdown” and started to write on the walls with his blood. He didn’t say what was written but said they were “little reminders of our past that represented lies that she had told me and lay that I had caught her in.”

Heard’s attorneys have said they intend to claim that Depp’s would be self-inflicted.

Depp said he was in “shock” but couldn’t recall what Heard said next. He said that he then went to the emergency but told the doctor that he had smashed his middle finger on some large accordion doors.

He said that he didn’t want to reveal that Heard had thrown the bottle, as he tried to keep the matter “as copacetic as possible.” He did tell Dr. David Kipper, who he had hired to treat his habit of opiates.

Jurors displayed graphic photos of his injury and an image of Depp’s face. Depp pointed to a mark from Heard, putting out the cigarette on his cheek.

Depp said that he had surgery to rebuild the finger via a skin graft from another part of his hand. He said that he wore a plaster through the rest of production but that it was removed in the movie through CGI.


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