Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Kyung-ho to star in tvN drama One Shot Scandal


Studio Dragon stated on Tuesday that stars Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Kyung-ho will appear in the upcoming tvN drama One Shot Scandal.

The two actors will appear as lead characters in the comedy drama series which is about a former athlete Nam Haeng-sun who becomes the proprietor of a banchan (assorted small dishes) restaurant. She joins Korea’s education fervor later on in life to prepare for college entrance tests and meets a top hagwon (cram school) instructor, Choi Chi-yeol. From then, their bittersweet romance begins. Jung portrays the hagwon instructor, while Jeon plays the proprietor of a banchan business.

Yang Hee-seung, the creator of the blockbuster drama series and Once Again wrote the screenplay for One Shot Scandal. Yoo Jae-won, director of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, is set to direct the new series.


The production team stated in an official statement, “The series itself will be a light-hearted romantic comedy, but actors Jeon Do-yeon and Jung Kyung-ho will absolutely captivate the viewers, telling this typical story of the war of Korea’s college entrance exams in a very interesting and immersive way.”

Jeon was the first Korean performer to receive an award at a major film festival when she won Best Actress at the 60th Cannes Film Festival in 2007.

Jung is most known for his parts in Prison Playbook and Hospital Playlist. Jung made his acting debut in 2003 after auditioning at a KBS actors’ audition.

The release of One Shot Scandal is scheduled for 2023.