Jenna Ortega Talks About Scream 6


Jenna Ortega discussed Hayden Panettiere’s character, Kirby, receiving salvation in Scream 6 on the red carpet at the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

When Jenna was asked about the Scream 6, she opened up about the Ghost face and how violent the new movie will be.

Ghost face gets a lot more intimidating. I read the part of the script and it just gets more and more gory. That’s probably the most aggressive and violent version of ghost face we’ve ever seen, which I think would be really fun to shoot.

While speaking about about Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby, Jenna stated,

All I will say she definitely has been one of my favorite characters in Scream franchise for a very longtime, so the fact that her character gets to come back and redeem herself is really exciting.

Jenna Ortega’s position as a scream queen has been cemented by her award-winning performance in Scream. She won the MTV Movie & TV Awards for Most Frightened Performance.

Jenna Ortega portrays a role in Scream 5 that has been likened to Drew Barrymore’s Casey Becker in the first film. Ortega previously told Entertainment Tonight that she came into the picture intending to do the series justice, and based on her win at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, it appears she succeeded.

The thing about it is the Drew Barrymore, Casey Becker scene is one of my favorite scenes of all time across the board in cinema. Also, it could not have been done more perfectly, so it’s hard because I know that all the Scream films since then have been kind of a reiteration or a play on that scene. So, I was kind of wanting to make this one different somehow, but also not seem like I was trying to rip anybody off. I could never do that.

Ortega also appeared in X, Ti West’s retro-style horror film that was released earlier this year. That movie was also nominated for Most Terrifying Performance, with Ortega’s co-star Mia Goth nominated. Kyle Richards for Halloween Kills, Millicent Simmonds for A Quiet Place Part II, and Sadie Sink for Fear Street: Part Two 1978 were among the other nominations.