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The Netflix series Ozark may have ended earlier this year, but the adventures of some of its characters have certainly not concluded, as actor Jason Bateman expressed his interest in returning to the world.

While several characters from the show have hinted that spinoffs may be in the works, it’s unclear whether any of those ideas would revolve on the Byrde family, given how central they were to the entire story. In this aspect, it appears that the nature of the spinoff would require attention on ancillary characters in the narrative.

While talking to Variety, Bateman explained,

Any job or work environment that was positive, and where you loved the people you were working with and you loved the product you were creating, you’d love to return to it. It’s hard to maintain something that is really pleasurable all the time. And we had that with Ozark. So I’d do it again in a second, because what we had just doesn’t happen often.

Bateman not just acted in the series, but he also directed a number of episodes, and some fans may want to see him repeat his role as Marty, there is a possibility he could also comeback to the series solely as a filmmaker.

In terms of how the Ozark universe may be extended, showrunner Chris Mundy indicated that such ideas are still in their initial stages.

It’s definitely something that people have talked about a bunch. There’s nothing definitive. We’re lucky that people seem to really like the show so there’s obviously going to be some interest there.

All four seasons of Ozark are available on Netflix.


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