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WeCrashed fame star, Jared Leto is all set to enter the MCU world with his new vampire villainous movie Morbius releasing on April 1st. The actor reveals that he wishes to work with all three Spider-Men in the next movie.

While speaking to Comicbook, he revealed that he has always admired all three actors Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland as they have been playing Spider-Man for over twenty years. In the comics, Morbius has had several encounters with Spider-Man. Despite this, the character has never been represented in a live-action film till now.

Well, I’ll tell you what, I’ll take ‘em all my friend, I’ll take ‘em all. I’m not scared. I’m not scared.

Later on Jared expressed that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man would be better with Morbius and appreciated his work as well,

But I have to say, there’s something about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Morbius being a new chapter in universe that seems quite fitting. And I would love to see them get in the ring with one another, these two characters. And I think Tom’s just, like, you know, done a phenomenal job. And he’s a great actor and he just brings a lot of energy and humor to the role that’s great.

The actor is excited for his new role and ready to be seen as a supernatural vampire.

I’m incredibly excited about that. And the other thing that I loved is that you have this transformative performance inside of this, you know, big Marvel movie and that there were kind of three characters in one here, it was perfectly suited for me and what I’m interested in.

Not just Jared, MCU fans around the world are also excited for the new movie.


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