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Renowned writer Jackie Collins’ bestselling novel “Lovers & Gamblers” will be reworked for TV by Sarah Phelps. It is also executively produced by Phelps and The Bureau producer Polly Williams and Arielle Gottlieb. E1 will also be co-producing the drama.

The drama is adapted from the New York Times bestselling novel of the years 1977 of the same name. It shows the harrowing void of greed and complex ideas around self-determination, intimacy, independence, fame, and success.

Phelps has said that Lovers & Gamblers is a searing scabrous masterpiece. Sarah Phelps has previously adapted Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’, ‘The Witness for the Prosecution’, ‘Ordeal by Innocence’, ‘The ABC Murders’, and ‘The Pale Horse’ for BBC1 and Amazon.

Phelps had this to say about Jackie Collins:

“Jackie Collins was ahead of her time, her unflinching eye trained mercilessly on the filthy machinations of politics and power and how the seeds are sown for our post-truth chaos. Lovers & Gamblers is about flawed, damaged people who will do anything, absolutely anything, to get to the top and asks what the hell happens to you once you’ve got there.”

Lovers & Gamblers Plot

A wild ride from London and New York to Hollywood and Amazonian jungles, with a rock-and-roll superstud and a beauty queen with high ambitions who find that their dreams and nightmare are all about to come true

This news comes just 10 days before BBC2 is set to air Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story which is a 90-minute feature detailing the acclaimed authors’ life story, who died of breast cancer in 2015.


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