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Idina Menzel, or may we call her Queen Elsa, spoke candidly about how her role in the Disney film Frozen helped her during her tough times and how much she adores Bob Iger, Disney’s CEO.

In a recent interview at Yahoo, Menzel, the 51-year-old actress talks about her upcoming documentary Idina Menzel: Which Way To The Stage and says that it is one of the most intimidating projects she has done for Disney.

The actress when asked about her character Elsa and her stardom claims it to be a stroke of fate when she landed on the projects like Frozen. “It just felt [like] this incredible gift to me. The fact that it resonates with so many young people, and that the messaging is so important about this empowerment and really embracing who we are and what makes us different in the world.” says Menzel.

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Menzel admits that Frozen happened at the most crucial stage of her life and it meant more than just a character to her, “It’s more than just a job. It means something in a very profound way,” says Menzel.

When the conversation further leads to the newly returned CEO, Iger, the actress admits to adoring the man, saying, “I love him. I’ve actually met him. I’ve gone to a couple of functions with him, and he’s such a gentleman and really charismatic and is such a believer in the classic traditional Disney and what makes Disney, Disney.”

It is evident how the actress loves to be a part of Disney when she says, “Being a part of the Disney family has been very rewarding for me.”

 Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage (2022) is available to watch on Disney+.

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