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On Monday, Hulu, the Disney-owned streaming platform, unveiled a long-awaited upgrade to its iOS app. The service now enables SharePlay for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users allowing them to enjoy content with friends through FaceTime.

If you’re not familiar with the feature, SharePlay was originally introduced in iOS 15 and this feature permits a group of individuals on a FaceTime conversation to synchronize material for a multi-person streaming experience.

In this release, we are helping spread the Hulu love by introducing SharePlay. With SharePlay, you can watch content from the Hulu streaming library in sync with friends and family over FaceTime. 

All the users on Facetime must have a Hulu subscription and account to use SharePlay with the price starting at $6.99 per month. The feature can be accessed by initiating a FaceTime conversation, then open the Hulu app, select a TV program or movie, press the “Share” icon, and then select the “SharePlay” button.

The feature allows anyone to rewind, fast-forward, or reverse a video, and those actions pertain to all feeds. Another fascinating thing about SharePlay is that when it detects voice, it instantly lowers the volume so that friends and family can be heard while the streaming content is being played.

Aside from SharePlay functionality, the update to the Hulu app for iOS includes a new function that allows Live TV viewers to seamlessly switch channels while streaming.

We also launched a feature allowing Live TV users to easily flip between channels during playback. Upgrade to the newest version of the app on your iPhone or iPad to try it out.

Some of the users have given positive reaction to the new feature, a user said,

Stoked for this! My partner lives an hour and a half away, so when we watch Apple TV+ content, it’s magic. Much better than “can you pause for a half sec?”…”sorry, one more time. ugh, now i’m way ahead.”…”I have to use the bathroom, sorry… can we pause and do this all over again?”

Now we can watch Broad City in PEACE.

Another user said,

I love how Hulu works alongside Apple’s built-in apps and features. I really wish companies like Comcast and Netflix would get onboard. Especially when you have and pay for their stuff anyways.

It is safe to say Hulu’s new feature may have made people happy!

Bernard Bond

Bernard Bond is a leading expert in celebrity journalism and a television critic.