Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2 Is Happening

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  • Last updated: September 14, 2021
Gossip Girl Reboot Season 2 Is Happening

Gossip Girl Season 1 Part 2 is set to premiere in November. HBO Max has already greenlit season 2 of the popular series. The Gossip Girl reboot premiered in July and quickly became one of the most popular shows on HBO Max. It failed to gain critical acclaim but did prove to be highly addictive like the original Gossip Girl series.

Gossip Girl Plot

gossip girl season 2 renewed

The series is about a different group of rich teens like the original series who live on the Upper East Side. They experience the drama that comes with being rich, good-looking, and bored. The Gossip Girl moniker taken by Constance Billard, a teacher who tries to use it to humble her students to make life easier for them. The voice of Gossip Girl is still done by the iconic Kristen Bell. Kristen Bell was also the voice of Gossip Girl in the original series.

The main drama starts with Zoya Lott’s arrival. She is the half-sister of the popular girl, Julien Calloway. Another love triangle between Max Wolfe, Audrey Hope, and Aki Menzies causes complications for the ones involved.

Gossip Girl Reboot Cast

gossip girl renewed for season 2
  • Jordan Alexander as Julien Calloway.
  • Whitney Peak as Zoya Lott,
  • Tavi Gevinson as Kate Keller
  • Eli Brown as Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV
  • Thomas Doherty as Max Wolfe
  • Emily Alyn Lind as Audrey Hope
  • Evan Mock as Akeno “Aki” Menzies,
  • Johnathan Fernandez as Nicholas “Nick” Lott
  • Adam Chanler-Berat as Jordan Glassberg.
  • Zión Moreno as Luna La.
  • Savannah Lee Smith as Monet De Haan.
  • Jason Gotay as Rafa Caparros.
  • Todd Almond.
  • Laura Benanti.
  • Kristen Bell as the voice of “Gossip Girl”
  • Megan Ferguson as Wendy
  • Luke Kirby as Davis Calloway
  • Donna Murphy as Headmistress Vivian Burton
  • Elizabeth Lail as Lola Morgan
  • Lyne Renée as Helena Bergmann
  • John Benjamin Hickey as Roy Sachs
  • Jeremy O. Harris as himself
  • Princess Nokia as herself
  • Azhy Robertson as Milo Sparks
  • Yin Chang as Nelly Yuki
  • Marc Shaiman as himself
  • Billy Porter as himself
  • Malcolm McDowell as Roger Menzies, Aki’s father
  • Hettienne Park as Jodi Menzies, Aki’s mother

No spoilers for Season 1 Part 2 have been revealed or leaked, but the mid-season finale left a lot of questions that needed to be answered. Gossip Girl explored the generational divide, changing social dynamics and the effects of social media in daily life. The biggest change in the series from the orginal is the rating change to mature which will allow the creators to include drugs, language and sex to be used in the right way in the stories being shown in each episode.

Gossip Girl’s final six episodes of Season 1 premiere in November 2021 on HBO Max.


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