Gaten Matarazzo compares ‘Stranger Things’ character to his new movie character


After playing Dustin in Stranger Things, Gaten Matarazzo admits that working on the comedy picture Honor Society was difficult.

Paramount+‘s Honor Society follows Honor Rose, a high school student who is adamant on getting into Harvard at whatever cost. When her strategy to secure a reference letter from her counsellor becomes more complicated than she anticipated, Honor’s ambition to remove the rivalry leads her to fall for Michael Dipnicky (Matarazzo), one of the other students being reviewed for a recommendation.


Matarazzo talks about the particular challenges of playing Michael. While Stranger Things enabled him to unleash his comic talents on a continuously dark and solemn series, working on Honor Society was exactly the opposite.

“Dustin is a much more comedically-driven character in a project that’s not really driven by its comedy. And I think Michael is a character that’s not necessarily driven so much by his knack for comedic timing in a movie that is driven through comedy. That was a really different vibe, trying to match those tones up. Because you’re trying to dial something back when the surrounding people around you are bringing the comedy forward. I’m used to doing [the opposite] on Stranger Things, so that was really interesting. But it was a lot of fun.”


With each season of Stranger Things, he takes Dustin in new and amusing routes, and there are several times where he can have fans laughing and crying in the course of just a few minutes.

It appears that favorable experience of Gaten Matarazzo with Honor Society may push him to embark on more diverse projects and extend his abilities.