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History took a new turn when the sisters’ bond in Frozen aired on Disney in 2013 and Idina Menzel was the privileged princess. The film itself was an unexpected success, earning over $1.2 billion globally and taking home two Academy Awards.

However, the only regret the American actress had with her role was, the original showstopping theme song of the movie; Let it go.

In a recent interview with CNN, the actress first expresses her gratitude for taking Queen Elsa’s identity and says, “I knew it was a real accomplishment and a great get to be a Disney princess, to be welcomed into the Disney family and be in a musical, I knew that that was pretty epic, but I had no idea it would become the phenomenon that it did.”

idina menzel frozen

She goes on to talk about the changes she made to the theme song which she regrets to date. Menzel says, “I came in once and I sang it and I came back another time because they had written another part to it and they changed some of the lyrics. I realized that I felt like my voice sounded too mature, in order to really embody this young woman that you see in the movie, so I asked them to take it up — I don’t know why I did that, because when I’m in concert all over the world and I have a cold and I just want to kill myself.”

idina menzel frozen

However, she ends the conversation by saying that no matter the struggles, she loves the fact that Elsa sounds like the younger and more vulnerable version of herself. “But I asked them, “Let’s take it up a half-step and see,” because then it sounds a little bit more innocent in my voice, a little younger. As I was watching it just now, I was thinking, “Jeez, what was I thinking there.” But, I’m glad because she sounds a little younger and a little bit more vulnerable,” says the actress.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is available to watch on ABC.

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