‘Friday the 13th’ reference in ‘They/Them’ was before Kevin Bacon casting


According to John Logan, the Friday the 13th reference in They/Them occurred before Kevin Bacon was casted.

They/Them, a Peacock original horror film, will be released this Friday and will attempt to build a name for itself in the horror category. One thrilling claim of fame that the film can make is reintroducing Kevin Bacon to the cast. Fans may recall that Bacon first appeared on the big screen in the first Friday the 13th movie.


John Logan, the movie’s writer and director, was questioned if the Friday the 13th easter-egg was always there or if it was inserted after Bacon decided to participate in the film.

“That was always in the script. I tried to tip my hat wherever I could, but obviously having Kevin Bacon involved is like a dream come true because we are literally reaching back to the genesis of the form, and it’s thrilling to have him come back into this world.”


They/Them is a murderous horror thriller set at an LGBTQIA+ conversion camp, Bacon plays Owen Whistler. Several LGBT and transgender campers arrive in Whistler for a week of activity designed to help them find a new feeling of freedom. The participants must collaborate in order to safeguard themselves as the camp’s techniques become more psychologically disturbing. Things get much more deadly as a mystery murderer begins to take victims.

They/Them debuts on Peacock on August 5th.