Free Guy: Ryan Reynolds Celebrates Film’s Oscar Nomination


Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy became a great hit in almost every way. Not only was the Free Guy popular with critics and fans alike, but exceeding $300 million at the box office was not so shabby, especially the film released during the global pandemic. Ryan Reynolds is celebrating his hit film Free Guy nominated for an Oscar. After it was announced that Free Guy had received the Academy Award nomination in the category “Best Visual Effects,” Reynolds made sure to let the movie’s team of visual effects gurus feel the love.

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This nomination is a big win for Free Guy and an important confirmation of their VFX team. Nikos Kalaitzidis, Digital Domain VFX Supervisor of Free Guy said:

At first, we actually wanted to go really photo-real, because that’s where all the games are going right now. It’s almost as if you’re playing a real feature film game. But it appeared that, when we see it on the monitor, it could have been confusing if, was that really a game, or is that actually live-action? So that’s when we had to change the style and dumb it down in a way, to go back to something more of a Fortnite or Grand Theft Auto sort of style, to understand what this should be. So when you see it as a viewer on someone’s monitor, you could clearly, distinctively understand that it is gameplay and not live-action.


Free Guy’s opening sequence alone took an entire year to produce.
Swen Gillberg, Free Guy VFX supervisor, explained:

It’s just a big, big shot. That shot was 3000 frames. Your average shot is something like three seconds long, which is 75 frames. And so, 3000 versus 75. And then, that particular shot was made up of 10 different plates. We had plates of Pittsburgh, Boston. Two type of crane shots. We had a stunt vehicle to do 360 background plates. We had live action, Russian arm car chases. It was just made up of so many different pieces.

Brian Grill, Scanline VFX supervisor, confirmed:

And I can contest how hard that shot was. Maybe… on some Zoom calls, in dailies, heard screaming and cursing in the background. But I can’t tell you if it’s true or not. But… you know.

This Oscar nomination caps a successful run for Free Guy since it hit theaters in summer 2021.