Why Fans Are Convinced Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones Is Joining Emily in Paris


Emily in Paris season 2 has inspired fan ideas so far, including how the door can now open for Samantha Jones (Sex and the City) to appear on the show.
If you wonder what the two series have in common, don’t forget that they were both created by director Darren Star. All the signs of a small crossover seem to be very connected, as described in the HBO Max reboot, And Just Like That, Samantha Jones moved to London, and Emily love interest moved to London.

TV critic Jen Chaney tweeted at the top of the year:

Current theory: Samantha has supposedly moved overseas, hence her lack of presence in the new SATC TV series. Then she shows up by total surprise in a crossover episode of EMILY IN PARIS. I would watch Samantha try to tolerate Emily, 100 percent.

Emily in Paris, facing a backlash after the first season, released the second season in December, which ended when Lily Collins’ main character debated for another move abroad.


Emily in Paris season 2 provided a few possible avenues for the character’s location in Season 3. Twitter users speculated that one might be London, where Kim’s Samantha lived in the SATC universe, and crossover ideas began from there.

It is worth noting that neither Star nor Cattrall has responded to the rumors yet.