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The upcoming match of Mexico vs Argentina 2022 will be important as it will decide the fate of leveling up toward the round of 16. Following Argentina’s surprising defeat, it will be crucial for them to perform well. Otherwise, the loss will go down in the history of the FIFA World Cup.

With just three days away from the big match, nervousness among fans has started to take place as it’s an important match for their respective teams. This tension eventually led to ‘violence’ among fans.

On the way to a game that will be difficult for the players, fans of both teams engaged in a violent argument. According to a video that has been making the rounds on social media, fans of both teams fought. There are also rumors of fans getting injured.

Three days remain until the game at the Lusail Stadium, where 80,000 fans will likely attend. Eager for excitement and to see their national team win and move closer to the round of 16. There is also no report regarding the presence of authorities from the World Cup host nation. However they are not seen in the video. Now, the situation seems complicated.

In the video by that has gone viral on social media, Mexicans can be seen insulting and mispronouncing Lionel Messi’s name. While being watched by dozens of people who are only recording the incident. The tricolor fans continued to provoke them ahead of Mexico vs Argentina.

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