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Zendaya talked about some of her most challenging work playing a drug addict in “Euphoria,” especially in the second season when her character Rue appeared to hit rock bottom.

At an FYC Emmy event on Wednesday night at the Academy Museum, the Emmy winner said:

“One of the greatest honors about being able to play her in every story that I’ve now gained is when people come to me, sharing their stories of sobriety. It’s so beautiful to me every single time, and I think I take on those stories with me, and they become part of who each time I play her,”

Choking back tears, Zendaya continued:

“I get very emotional about her because I care about her a lot because she represents many people who need a lot of love. And she represents part of myself, and she represents part of [‘Euphoria’ creator] Sam [Levinson]. That means a lot to me, and I just want people to be able to heal through her.”

On the carpet, Zendaya spoke about the rollercoaster storyline of Rue earlier in the night. she said:

“We carried her all the way to hopefully what is rock bottom & the dark moment, & hopefully by the end leave with the sense of happiness & joy that there is hope for her in the end,”

She admitted particular scenes, especially when Rue lashes out at her sister and mother, are “not easy” to shoot, but the cast supported her get through them.
Zendaya further said:

“I felt very safe. I think that safety and the love that I received from my crew made up for the more painful moments we had to go through. I felt like we were going through it together.”

Jacob Elordi, as Nate spoke about trying to relax after a day of filming the series. He said he loves watching cartoons & “shitty TV.”

Although Elordi said he does not know how many seasons are being scheduled for the show, he joked he’d want to see Nate “come of age” sooner than later. He said:
“I think I’m getting old. I fear that I’m growing too old for high school.”

Elordi said about Nate’s future:
“Maybe he has a farm. Maybe he just leaves it behind and starts making his goods – like hemp!”


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