Emma Roberts Says She Always Comes Back to Horror Genre


Emma Roberts and John Gallagher Jr. stars in a psychological horror-thriller about ghosts from the past, Abandoned which is set to release on June 17th.

Emma Roberts is one of the greatest scream queens of the twenty-first century. In a recent interview, she discussed how she always ends up choosing horror genre.

It’s funny. No matter how long I leave, or how far I leave, I always come back. I mean, I don’t know. I’ve just always gravitated towards like thrillers and horror, and even like horror comedy, whether it’s like books or articles or movies or TV shows. So when this got sent my way, just from the title, I was like, I hate that I already love it.

Sara and Alex are a young couple in the film Abandoned. After having a kid, a couple moves into a lovely farmhouse, despite discovering the atrocities that occurred there years earlier. Sara soon finds herself tormented when Alex is gone performing farm work, while also suffering from post-partum depression. Michael Shannon also appears as the mystery neighbor who is continually stirring the trouble.

While discussing the movie and her character, Emma says.

Just from hearing the title¬†Abandoned, it was such a great title. And I loved it because it really took this kind of story that we all heard about the family that moves into the house, and weird things start happening, but I feel like it’s done like in such a modern, fresh way. It feels like nostalgic yet millennial, and I just I really loved the script. And I loved how Spencer brought it to life. So I couldn’t say no.

Emma Roberts also remarked that she can express so much more with horror. Because the audience can interpret it whatever they see suitable, which is what she enjoys most about the horror genre.