Ed Helms Says Nathan Will Have New Perspective in RutherFord Falls Season 2


Rutherford Falls comes back for season 2 with the stars Ed Helms and Jana Schmieding. The two comedic superstars play longtime best friends Nathan and Reagan on the show as well as proactively contribute on the script for the show.

In a recent interview, Ed Helms discussed how his characters will evolve romantically in season 2. While talking about his character’s journey he said.

I think that at the beginning of season 2, Nathan is very much still trying to figure out his perspective. He hasn’t quite confronted some of the damage that he caused in season 1, but he gets through it and very quickly steps in it in other ways. And hopefully what we love about Nathan – if we’re doing Nathan right, and I hope we are – [is that] we’re sort of with him as he’s making these terrible mistakes.

Nathan has various alternatives when it comes to romance. When Helms was asked about his opinion on his character’s romantic arc, he stated.

At the end of season 1, just before he has a complete collapse and identity crisis, there are some sparks with Dierdre. Those sparks are still present in season 2, but a rather dramatic and massive shift to the dynamic of that relationship takes place. Which is both, I think for Nathan, terrifying and thrilling. And hopefully for audiences as well.

Second season of Rutherford Falls will see Ed Helm’s Nathan coming back home after leaving the town in a burst of self-doubt, yet much has happened in the time he has been gone. Reagan is preoccupied with running the Minishonka Nation cultural center, which opens the door for a new employee to join her life. While neither of the best friends is particularly ready for what lies ahead, they will have each other to lean on when things become bad.

Rutherford Falls season 2 airs on Peacock on June 16.