Dylan O’Brien talks about developing his ‘Not Okay’ character


Dylan O’Brien, who portrays Colin, a social media sensation in Not Okay, discusses how he and Quinn Shephard created this character and how his appearance evolved.

Not Okay, starring Zoey Deutch, Mia Isaac, and Dylan O’Brien, is about a foolish young woman eager for friends and fame fabricates a trip to Paris in order to boost her social media profile. A frightening incident occurs in the real world, which becomes a part of the fantasy journey and provides everything she desires. It is an obvious satire of how we as a culture elevate inauthentic voices while downplaying the genuine, experienced sufferings of marginalized people.

In a recent interview, O’Brien explains character development, saying that he and the Shephard worked for an hour and were both laughing over these sorts of traits in an exciting way.


“I read the script and I had a really specific image of him when I was reading it, and one that I felt like I could totally get. I just felt like I got it. I don’t know. And then, I talked to Quinn, and we talked about that type of character and who we would be going for, and we just really jived on that. For an hour, we were both cracking up about these types of characters, in an exciting way. I’ve been really fascinated by this character for so long, so I was excited that’s what she was going for.”


He also stated how Colin evolved from the initial state to the last day of production. “It’s such a team effort, particularly with this, with the clothes, the tats, the hair, everything. It was a slow evolution. I had an idea of the physicality and the voice. I could hear the dude. And then, the aesthetic all came together as pre-production was starting up. I would walk around my house talking like him sometimes, and I’d record it on my phone and send it to Quinn.”

Not Okay is available to watch on Hulu.