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The official Dragon Ball website is an excellent source for updates about the world-famous Akira Toriyama Franchise, but it also has exciting interviews recent discussions involving two scientists, who are Dragon Ball fans, sharing something interesting about the Namekians, the race responsible for the creation of the Dragon Balls.

Science teacher Masayuki Kato and researcher Yudai Okuyama took the opportunity to immerse themselves in various topics related to the villainous cell, Frieza’s alien race while talking about the Namekians.



In terms of biology, I’d propose that they get their energy via photosynthesis, just like plants. They are green, after all.


You might be right. Planet Namek has three suns and no nighttime, so photosynthesis would be the ideal method of generating energy for the environment they live in.


In fact, there are animals that live symbiotically with algae or whose bodies contain chloroplasts who use photosynthesis to generate energy. Coral is a famous example of this, but there are others too. One of them a species of sea slug called Plakobranchus ocellatus that actually kind of looks like a Namekian.

Okuyama then delves into another exciting tidbit about PLanet Namek, discussing the trees seen throughout the Frieza Arc in Dragon Ball Z:

There’s still a ton of interesting things about Planet Namek. For example, there’s a rather unique species of tree on Namek called “Ajisa” that has just one little round bulb of leaves right at the top of its thin trunk.

Although Plant Namek has not been recently featured in Dragon Ball Super, Toei Animation has already confirmed that the next film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, will feature two shonen’s famous Namekian, Dende and Piccolo.

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