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It’s no secret that the Dragon Ball anime franchise is a powerhouse in the anime world. The recent tease from the DBS producer behind the franchise has made fans think! The premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is fascinating, considering the new anime project released for the franchise from Dragon Ball Super: Broly back in 2018. Fans excited for the anime coming back with new episodes since then, and the release of this new movie has left fans wondering if TV anime could be back or not. Now it begins to look like something big is going to happen.

In a new edition of Weekly Dragon Ball News on the official website of Dragon Ball, executive producer Akio Iyoku shared a new comment suggesting the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Not only that, but Iyoku also dropped the tease over the fact that there’s a “chance” that “something other than a film” would come in a year! Could this be the new anime that Dragon Ball Super fans have been waiting for a long time to find out more?

Iyoku began:

I’m currently working hard to get everything finished on the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, whose release date has been confirmed for April 22nd in Japan! I think the movie is just incredible, especially the animation. [Series creator Akira Toriyama] is really pleased with it! It’s an all-new animation, so, everyone, please wait a little while longer until it’s finished. There’s also a chance that something other than the movie will be coming this year too, so let’s make this year another great year for Dragon Ball together!

It is not a confirmation that there will be more anime along the way, but it is clear that Dragon Ball has something planned for fans. With Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero premiering in April in Japan, it may not be too long before we find out if a new anime is coming sooner or not. It could be something fans always want and make this an excellent year for the Dragon Ball series.

Bernard Bond

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