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Chucky creator Don Mancini addresses a Chucky and M3GAN crossover, saying he’s open to the idea but hasn’t watched much of robotic killer doll.

Mancini revealed to that he is formally considering a number of Chucky crossover possibilities with Universal. He says he’s always wanted to see a Freddy Krueger and Chucky together, but a new killer doll has surely been on his mind.

“But now that we’re doing well in this different medium at Universal, there are other Universal owned monsters that theoretically could be at our disposal. So, it’s something that we do talk about. I’ll put it that way….I won’t say too much about it, but stay tuned. It’s definitely an interest of mine, as well. I haven’t seen the movie. All I’ve seen is what everyone else has seen and that’s very fun,” Mancini says about M3GAN. “I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”


M3GAN’s buzz has already sparked debate for a sequel months before the film’s theatrical debut. It’s reasonable to picture a fresh modern take on the scary doll trope competing with the old model. Unlike previous killer dolls like as Annabelle from the Conjuring world or Billy from Saw, Chucky and M3GAN can talk and move autonomously.

Both dolls are neither demonic spirits or old malevolent beings; they have human cognition and tiny, manoeuvrable bodies.

Maryam Ahtesham

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