Dakota Johnson Says She’s ‘Excited’ to Join MCU


Dakota Johnson is excited to be a part of the Marvel Universe!

Dakota Johnson expressed her excitement in an interview about her new film, the comedy-drama Cha Cha Real Smooth, as well as on her involvement in the upcoming Sony-Marvel feature Madame Web. The actress joked that she is under strong instructions to retain crucial Marvel secrets to herself.

“I can tell you pretty much nothing that isn’t already on the internet. It’s pretty cool to be in the Marvel world, especially with a character that’s not so known.”

Madame Web is a psychic mutant who has mentored Peter Parker’s Spider-Man as well as other characters who name themselves Spider-Woman in the Marvel comic universe. She is generally portrayed as an elderly woman kept alive by a life support system like a spider web; although, it is unknown how the character would be adapted in the future film.


“It’s always been a dream of mine to do some kind of massive action movie. I always wanted to do, like, a female Indiana Jones. There’s something about those movies that you’re like, ‘Wow, a real human being can do that!'”

In unspecified roles, Euphoria breakthrough star Sydney Sweeney, Tony-nominated actress Isabela Merced, and Celeste O’Connor are set to join the cast of Madame Web.

Madame Web will make her formal debut on Sony’s Universe of Spider-Man Characters in July 2023, according to Columbia Pictures.