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Cristiano Ronaldo’ latest controversy has made him the center of attention on social media. Following his World Cup campaign, the star player is ready to be on the grounds of Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Portugal will face Ghana at Stadium 974. For Ronaldo, it’ll likely be his last World Cup. The player needs to make sure of giving out an exceptional performance.

Ronaldo has given assurances that the start of the World Cup won’t cause his fiery interview to distract his Portuguese teammates.

“In my life, the best timing is always my timing,” he told reporters on Monday. “I don’t have to think about what other people think. I speak when I want. The players know me well for many years and know the type of person I am.”

Ronaldo received a two-game suspension and a £50,000 fine from the English Football Association (FA). As he dragged a spectator’s cell phone earlier this year, which came after the news of his departure from Manchester United.

The incident happened following United’s 1-0 defeat to April in Everton. In addition to the fine and suspension, which do not apply during the World Cup but will follow Ronaldo to any new club he joins, the FA also issued a warning to Ronaldo regarding his future behavior.

Are Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal ready to face Ghana at their opening match? As per predictions, the chances are high for Portugal but we witnessed some major upsets in the 2022 FIFA World Cup already. Does the captain’s interview affect the team in a good or bad way?

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