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Writer and executive producer of The Last of Us, Craig Mazin, puts an end to the overly growing debate of whether the series is going to be a long chewy one or will end as soon as need be.

In a recent interview with Collider, when the writer was questioned about how many seasons should the audience anticipate of the most hyped show, Mazin says, “It’s finite. I don’t have much narrative interest in writing a show that is designed to perpetually continue until the network finally puts it out of its misery somewhere. I write to endings. Endings are everything to me. I don’t know how to write if I don’t know how it ends. And also, if the show doesn’t have an ending, it means nothing ultimately is truly purposeful.”

craig mazin

He goes on to add that he simply cannot make a show without an ending and could not wait until the next season to consider what conclusion would work best for his audience. Mazin says, “I like watching those shows. I just can’t write them. So, I have the benefit of the first game, which we have encompassed with this season, which has a real beginning and middle and ends. And then, the story that remains, that continues forth in the work that Naughty Dog’s done on the second game, is a lot.”

Mazin also hints at the fact that the ending of The Last of Us is already decided and says, “Probably the amount of remaining story would take us more than a season to tell. But definitely, I don’t see this as something that runs on and on and on. We don’t have that ambition. Our ambition is to tell the story that exists, as best as we can, in a different medium.”

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Neil Druckmann ends the conversation by saying, “Yeah, I remember, early on, I asked Craig and HBO, “How many episodes does this season need to be” And the answer was, “As many as the story requires, and no more.” And likewise, that would be our approach for future seasons to say, “Okay, this will be as many seasons as required to reach that ending and no more.”

The Last of Us is available to watch on HBO Max on January 15.

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