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New Cowboy Bebop pictures give a sneak peek at the upcoming Netflix live-action series. The show is an adaptation of the original Cowboy Bebop anime. The story focuses on a group of bounty hunters in 2071, led by a former hitman Spike Spiegel, played by John Cho. Spiegel is joined by Faye Valentine (Daniella Pineda), an amnesiac con artist, and Jet Black (Mustafa Shakir), an ex Inter Solar System Police officer. The cast includes Lucy Currey as Judy, Alex Hassell as Vicious, Molly Moriarty as Kimmie Black, and Elena Satine as Julia. 

So far, Cowboy Bebop has teased several posters and a nice manga-style trailer, leading up to a full Cowboy Bebop trailer release on October 26. It gave the viewers the best look at the adaptation of the popular series yet. Season 1 is slated to start on November 19 and will honor the original anime while also digging deeper into the characters and history of the show in their live-action adaptation. Showrunner André Nemec has said that every episode will have many references and homages, which will be fun for the fans to spot.

Netflix has also released a batch of new Cowboy Bebop pictures featuring the main players: Spike, Faye, Jet, Ein, Vicious, and more are featured in the photos, giving fans a better look at the show, which seems to be leaning into the source material. Cowboy Bebop fans may be able to spot some references and imagery that ties to the original anime. At the same time, those new to the show can get a feel for what’s in store. Take a look at the images below:

Original creator Shinichirō Watanabe ended the anime at 26 episodes. He refused to drag it on for years and overstay its welcome. Watanabe serves as an executive producer on a Netflix show, which may ease concerns about adapting the source material or how far it will stray from it. It’s unclear how the series will follow the original story from the Cowboy Bebop anime. Regardless, the stage is being set for a new franchise if it’s a hit.

Adapting anime to live-action is always tricky, but Cowboy Bebop looks like it may have cracked the code on how to do it properly. The live-action material seems good but still has an animation vibe. At the same time, the performances look like they retained the cheesy, off-kilter banter that makes Cowboy Bebop special. With an amazing cast, sharp VFX, solid production design, and careful attention to the source material detail, Cowboy Bebop feels more and more like the show to watch this fall.

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