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Coco Gauff defeated Emma Raducanu 6-3 7-6 on Wednesday at the Australian Open after struggling through a challenging second-round match.

After winning the ASB Classic in Auckland earlier this month, the 18-year-old Gauff has gone undefeated in seven games so far this year.

Gauff faced arguably her toughest test of the year and yet when she was against Raducanu, the 2021 US Open winner, it was unarguably the most anticipated match which certainly lived up to its expectations.

Australia Open

Both players made excellent shots at key moments, but Gauff, the tournament’s seventh-seeded player, maintained the upper hand the entire evening. Gauff was catching shots that appeared to be way beyond her reach while moving beautifully around the court. When she needed it most, her serve also proved to be a solid weapon as she forced a tiebreak to decide the second set.

Gauff after the match says, “Considering the circumstances, I can imagine both of us were nervous. This was a long-anticipated match-up basically since the draw came out, so I’m glad that it was a good match for you guys.”

Australia Open

Raducanu a little disheartened after the match says, “All the chips were against us, and the chances of me playing this tournament were very, very low. So I had extremely limited practice time … Saying that, I still think I didn’t necessarily play my best today. Although the second set I had chances and was pushing, it was still I felt like I could have done better myself.”

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