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The first official poster of Kevin Smith’s Clerks 3 shows the legendary cast members are back, offering very much the same excitement in the coolest way possible.

Many fans gave up on the concept of a Clerks sequel some years ago, when Smith seemed to make it apparent that the picture was not going to proceed. Surprisingly, Clerks 3 is already shot and ready to go, and it will continue with the same characters from the original film.

So far, there hasn’t been any formal promotion for Clerks 3, and fans have been waiting eagerly for confirmation on when the film will be released. The trailer will be released on July 6, and Smith has started releasing new posters for the film to mark the occasion.

The narrative revolves around Jeff Anderson’s Randal Graves, who is about to have a potentially fatal heart attack. It will motivate the lifelong slacker to find something he enjoys more than working in retail and making fun of his customers.

Several concepts for Clerks 3 have been floated over the years, with one making it as far as a live script reading in 2020. Smith has previously stated that the holdout is Jeff Anderson, who is less eager to return to the world of Clerks than the rest of the group. Randal, on the other hand, is irreplaceable, and Smith has stated that it is a non-starter without all of the stars onboard. Marilyn Ghigliotti, who portrayed Dante’s lover Veronica in original movie, returns this round.

The release date for Clerks 3 will be announced soon.


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