Chris Hemsworth quipped about nude scene in ‘Love and Thunder’


So far, phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a wild ride, with the universe growing on both the small and big screens. However, the sequence in Thor: Love and Thunder‘s teaser in which Chris Hemsworth ends up nude had everyone screaming.

The Australian actor walked the red carpet for the international premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder in Hollywood. While interviewing for ET, Chris Hemsworth joked about being naked for the godly scene in the buff and said the scene was years in the making. 

“It was a lot of work to get ready. But, I mean, it was kind of ten-eleven years in the making, that shot. In each film we’ve taken off another item of clothing, and now we just kind of took it all off.”


Taika Waititi, the film’s director, interrupted the interview and was also asked about the nude scene. He deadpanned, “He didn’t even know we were shooting. He didn’t even know there were cameras rolling at all.”

The director previously spoke with ComicBook about that iconic sequence, revealing that he always planned for the actor to expose it all. “We all knew we wanted to do it from very early on. That was in the first draft of the script actually and Chris was on board as well. You know, I think you have a body like Chris, like, you know, even he understands. It would be just, it would be a waste to not show it off. It would be a crime against humanity. So, you know, it’s, you have to provide for the masses.”

Thor: Love and Thunder opens in cinemas on July 8.