Camila Cabello Fulfils her Fantasy Dreams in The New Cinderella Movie


Amazon Prime is placing a new spin on the classic fantasy tale in their upcoming musical “Cinderella.  As can be seen in the newly released trailer, Camila Cabello as Cinderella dreams of launching her own clothing business one day.  

When the prince of the kingdom hosts a ball, Cinderella attempts to wear her own designs but this plan is thwarted by her wicked stepmother played by Idina Menzel. Like she was aided by her fairy godmother in the original tale, here too she receives magical aid from her “Fabulous Godmother” played by Billy Porter who helps her arrive at the ball in style with his magic.

She meets the prince at the ball and falls in love but she faces problems in trying to handle her own business while also meeting the expectations that come with being royalty. Also starring in the movie are big actors like Pierce Brosnan who plays the role of King Rowan, Minnie Driver who is Queen Beatrice, James Corden and John Mulaney as two Footmen and finally Nichola Galitzine who plays the role of Prince Charming.

Cinderella Release date

Cinderella is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on September 3.

Cinderella Trailer

Cinderella Cast

  • Camila Cabello as Cinderella
  • Idina Menzel as Vivian, Cinderella’s Stepmother
  • Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Robert
  • Minnie Driver as Queen Beatrice
  • Pierce Brosnan as King Rowan
  • Billy Porter as the Fab G, a genderless fairy godparent
  • Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer as the Stepsisters
  • James Acaster as John, a Footman/mouse
  • James Corden as James, a Footman/mouse
  • Romesh Ranganathan as Romesh, a Footman/mouse
  • Missy Elliott as Town Crier
  • Tallulah Greive as Princess Gwen
  • Luke Latchman as Griff
  • Fra Fee as Hench
  • Beverley Knight
  • Mary Higgins as Princess Laura

Where to Watch Cinderella

You can watch Cinderella premiere on Amazon Prime on September 3rd. Along with Cinderella, Amazon Prime is also bringing another musical, Annette, to their streaming service which had a great debut in this year’s Cannes festival. Don’t miss out on these wonderful musicals that are bound to be spectacular when both have such a brilliant cast.