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The Simpsons will be releasing an all-new short on Disney+ entitled “When Billie Met Lisa,” which will include singers and the brother-sister duo Billie Eilish and FINNEAS voicing versions of themselves, premiering on April 22.

The Simpsons’ popularity has resulted in a slew of well-known celebs appearing on the show, every now and then to portray all-new characters or other times to represent themselves with the popular family, with this forthcoming short being an example of such. While previous The Simpsons shorts on Disney+ have been linked to other Disney properties, this new narrative will most likely be a stand-alone adventure.

Lisa Simpson is found by Grammy award winner performers Billie Eilish and FINNEAS while looking for a quiet area to practise her saxophone in “When Billie Met Lisa.” Lisa is invited to Billie’s studio for a one-of-a-kind jam session she will always remember.

Billie Eilish announced it on Twitter.

This forthcoming Simpsons release is the fourth in a series of films developed particularly for Disney+ that highlight the service’s major brands and most beloved content. The previously published Star Wars and Marvel-themed shorts “Maggie Simpson in ‘The Force Awakens from Its Nap'” and “The Good, The Bart, and The Loki” are now accessible on Disney+.

Fairly recently, the showrunner AI Jean said that there may be more crossover in the near, similar to Billie Eilish.

I look at the Disney+ tiles, Marvel and Star Wars, then there’s Pixar-Disney and Nat Geo. We actually wrote, before this all happened, we had written a Free Solo parody, but we were not necessarily going to shoot it now because Free Solo is a little bit of a 2019 thing. I would love to do Pixar and I would love to do Nat Geo and I would love to do the Disney classics. I mean, those are the ones that just are etched in my memory. So yeah, I’m very interested in doing all of them.

Billie’s fans has expressed their excitement on Twitter and they can’t wait to see the episode on Disney+.

Bernard Bond

Bernard Bond is a leading expert in celebrity journalism and a television critic.