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BBC One and Amazon Prime revealed the first images from their new psychological thriller, Chloe. The series has cast Erin Doherty as Becky Green, who in the series becomes a fan of Chloe Fairbourne; Chloe is a social media influencer whose seemingly perfect life attracts Becky’s admiration. Becky is a girl who has the exact opposite life of Chloe, living in a small flat in England and caring for her mother, who is in the early stages of dementia.

When a tragedy befalls Chloe, Becky takes over her identity. She embeds herself in Chloe’s friend group’s lives to find out what happened to Chloe. The first look images released by BBC One and Prime Video shows Becky transformed into Shasa (her alter ego), as she creates situations to get close to Livia, who was one of Chloe’s closest friends and gain access to the rest of her friend group to get to the bottom of what happened to Chloe.

Alice Seabright created and co-wrote the series with Kayleigh Llewellyn, Bolu Babalola, and Poppy Cofan. Before Chloe, Alice Seabright was Sex Education’s director. Sex Education is a Netflix series that follows a teenager who starts an underground sex therapy clinic at his high school with his mother. Morven Reid and Tally Garner will serve as executive producers for Mam Tor Productions, and Ben Irving will help in the same capacity for BBC.

In a previous interview, Alice Seabright expressed her excitement for the new BBC series and said:

 “Becky is a complex, courageous heroine, and there is no one better to play her than Erin.”

Chloe is currently being filmed in Bristol, England, and will premiere this Winter on Prime Video in the U.S and BBC iPlayer in England. Check out the rest of the images below:

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