Andrew Garfield Applauds Zendaya in Euphoria Season 2


The second season of Euphoria was a delight for everyone, including our favorite amazing Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield couldn’t get enough of Zendaya’s performance as Rue in the critically acclaimed HBO series.

The two actors met in the universe of last year’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” in which Zendaya portrays MJ alongside a cast of Peter Parkers that included Garfield, Tobey Maguire, and Tom Holland. During the recent interview, Actors on Actors, Andrew Garfield and Zendaya reunited again and he lavished her with admiration.

Having seen Season 2 of your show “Euphoria” with our friend Sam Levinson — the brilliant creator, showrunner, director extraordinaire — I do want to make you very uncomfortable and say that it is one of the most remarkable things I’ve seen an actor do in recent memory.

He delved into the intricacies of the show after Zendaya thanked him. 

I think it was Episode 5. It’s one of the most relentless episodes of television I’ve ever seen. I’m starting to get to know you better, but to have access to that kind of awfulness and the damage and pain, and to make it so human.

Zendaya said that it was difficult to film it. She received a lot of messages from people checking in on her, after the episode aired. 

Andrew Garfield is expected to receive an Emmy nomination for Under the Banner of Heaven, the FX miniseries is streaming exclusively on Hulu in which he portrays a detective investigating a brutal murder in a Mormon town.