‘Star Wars: Andor’ closing titles feature an additional scene


Fans of Star Wars should remain seated when Andor Season 1 finale concludes since it features the first post-credits scene for the Disney+ series!

The scene, which appears after the credits of Andor Season 1, Episode 12, “Rix Road,” establishes Season 2 by referring to a significant piece of canonical Star Wars narrative. Tony Gilroy, the show’s creator, previously assured fans that the Andor Season 1 finale wouldn’t let them down after they expressed concern that the show’s lengthy plot might make it impossible to provide a satisfying conclusion.


“I saw somebody say that we were spreading ourselves too thin with all these characters,” he said. “But we be pulling people together. That is not something that we would let go by. And we won’t be leaving you with much of an enigmatic ending.”

Fans will have to judge whether “Rix Road” measures up to the expectations. But there’s little doubt that its post-credits scene will make heads turn. This is particularly true given Gilroy’s earlier insistence that any allusions to the larger Star Wars canon would never be included for the sake of fan service. However, Gilroy has since acknowledged that the first season of the Disney+ series Andor. Contains a number of oblique references to Star Wars canon that were inserted without his knowledge.

Despite errant Easter eggs, Gilroy seems to have a distinct vision for every facet of Andor’s production. Including the future of the Star Wars show. In a previous teaser, the showrunner hinted at what to expect from Andor Season 2. Highlighting how the thematic focus will change from Season 1.


“The next four years are not about becoming a revolutionary,” Gilroy said. “They’re about learning to be a leader. And how difficult it is to put the alliance together and what happens to people who are the original gangsters versus the establishment and a lot of other issues.”

All 12 episodes of Andor Season 1 are currently streaming on Disney+.

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