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At The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, Amanda Abbington says her upcoming sitcom The Family Pile is “like a little kitchen sink comedy.”

Abbington talks about the show’s storyline saying it is one of the most comforting summer watch shows. She says, “It’s about four sisters. And they come together when their mother dies. And they have to divide up the house. And the other sisters are played by Ally Mardell, Claire Keelan, and Clare Calbraith, who are amazing. It’s a really poignant, very funny, half-an-hour episodic sitcom, and I loved doing it. It was really sweet. And it’s well written.”

The Family Pile

Abbington also talks about how the show is run by women and it feels fantastic to be a part of such a show which is female-driven. “You know, we’re all kind of different ages and stuff. So it’s a really interesting dynamic that the women drive the show and the men kind of just facilitate the women,” says the actress.

She also admits to preferring shows with strong characters rather than a strong plotline and says, “Character-driven stuff is so much more interesting than plot, I think.” Abbington believes that comedy roles are much harder than dark, serious ones and that she loves playing funny roles. “I love doing comedy. I think comedy is harder than drama. Because I think you have to have funny bones and not everybody has funny bones,” says Abbington.

The Family Pile

She also mentions a funny audition she once was forced to give and shares, “I did the scenes and then I went, ‘Thank you very much’. And then I turned to leave and then they went ‘And now can we have your rap?’ And I said, ‘I’m sorry’. And I said ‘My rap?’ And they said ‘Yeah, we asked for a rap. Like a rap song.’ And, I was like ‘Okay’. And I had to think about it, and I did Monie Love. I was mortified.”

The Family Pile is available to watch on ITVX on January 17.

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