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Here’s a list of 4K UHD (Ultra HD) movies available to buy or rent on Vudu, with some films including HDR and/or Dolby Atmos audio. Vudu UHD movies may be seen on Roku 4 or Roku Ultra, Apple TV 4K, Chromecast Ultra, Roku TVs, VIZIO P-Series, M-Series, and D-Series 4K HDTVs, and other compatible devices. Check here to see whether Vudu UHD is supported by your TV or device.


Vudu’s list of 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos movies

10 Cloverfield Lane4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
10 Minutes Gone4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
12 Strong4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of BenghaziDolby Atmos
2001: A Space Odyssey4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
21 Jump Street4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
3 From Hell4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
3100: Run and Become4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
47 Meters Down: Uncaged4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
7 Days in Entebbe4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
A Bad Mom’s Christmas4kDolby 5.1
A Charlie Brown Christmas4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
A Dog’s Journey4kTBDTBD
A Dog’s Way Home4kTBDTBD
A Quiet Place4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
A Simple Favor4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
A Simple Favor4kTBDTBD
A Star is Born4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
A View to a Kill (1985)4kDolby 5.1
Across the Universe4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Ad Astra4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Aladdin (2019)4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Alien: Covenant4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Alita: Battle Angel4kTBDTBD
All Is True4kTBDTBD
All the Money in the World4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Allied4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Alpha4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
American Assassin4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
American Hustle4kDolby 5.1
American Made4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
American Psycho (Uncut)4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
American Sniper4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Angel Has Fallen4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Annabelle4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Annabelle Comes Home4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Annabelle: Creation4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Annihilation4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Apocalypse Now Redux4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Apollo 11 (2019)4kTBDTBD
Apollo 134kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Aquaman (2018)4kTBDTBD
Argo4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Arizona4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Arrival4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Assassin’s Creed4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Atomic Blonde4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Baby Driver4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Bad Boys4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Bad Boys II4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Bad Times at the El RoyaleHDR10/DolbyDolby Atmos
Bad Times At the El Royale4kTBDTBD
Batman and Harley Quinn (DCU)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Batman Begins4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Batman Ninja4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles4kTBDTBD
Batman: Gotham by Gaslight4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Batman: Hush4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Battle of the Sexes4kDolby 5.1
Baywatch4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Ben Is Back4kTBDTBD
Bennett’s War4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable4kTBDTBD
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Black and Blue4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Black Mass4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
BlacKkKlansman4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Blade Runner 20494kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Blade Runner: The Final Cut4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Blair Witch4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Blinded by the Light4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Blindspotting4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Blockers4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
BluebeardDolby Atmos
Bohemian Rhapsody4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Bohemian Rhapsody4kTBDTBD
Book Club4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Booksmart4kDolby 5.1
Boy Erased4kTBDTBD
Boy Genious4kDolby 5.1
Bram Stoker’s Dracula4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Braveheart4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Breaking In4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Brightburn4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Brooklyn4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Brotherhood of Blades 2 (Unrated)4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Brotherhood of Blades 2: The …4kTBDTBD
Call of HeroesDolby Atmos
Can You Ever Forgive Me4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Can You Ever Forgive Me?4kTBDTBD
Captain Philips4kDolby 5.1
Captive State4kTBDTBD
Casino Royale (2006)4kDolby 5.1
Central Intelligence4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Chappaquiddick4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Chappie4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Chinatown4kDolby 5.1
Close Encounters of the Third Kind4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Code 84kDolby 5.1
Cold Pursuit4kTBDTBD
Collateral Beauty4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Conan the Barbarian (2011)4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Concussion4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Constantine: City of Demons4kTBDTBD
Crawl4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Crazy Rich Asians4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Creed4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Creed II4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Critters Attack!4kTBDTBD
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Daddy’s Home 24kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Dark Matter [Short]
Darkest Hour4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
DCU: Suicide Squad – Hell to Pay4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Deadpool4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Deadpool 24kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Death Wish (2018)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Deepwater Horizon4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Despicable Me4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Despicable Me 24kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Despicable Me 34kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Detroit4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Diamonds Are Forever (1971)4kDolby 5.1
Dickinson4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Die Another Day (2002)4kDolby 5.1
Die Hard4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Dirty Grandpa4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
District 94kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Divergent4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Doctor Sleep4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Dora and the Lost City of Gold4kTBDTBD
Downsizing4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Downton Abbey (The Motion Picture)4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Dr. No (1962)4kDolby 5.1
Dr. Seuss The Grinch (Illumination Presents)4kTBDTBD
Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Dracula Untold4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Dragged Across Concrete4kTBDTBD
Dredd4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Dunkirk4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Dust 2 Glory4kTBDTBD
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Early Man4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Earth: One Amazing Day4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Eddie the Eagle4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Edward Scissorhands4kDolby 5.1
Eighth Grade4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
El Chicano4kTBDTBD
Elysium4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Ender’s Game4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Entourage the Movie4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Escape Plan4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Escape Plan 2: Hades4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Escape Plan: The Extractors4kTBDTBD
Escape Room (2019)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Everest (2015)4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Evil Dead 24kDolby 5.1
Ex Machina4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Exodus: Gods and Kings4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Fall All Mankind4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Fantastic Four4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Fast Color4kDolby 5.1
Fast Color4kTBDTBD
Father the Flame4kTBDTBD
Fences4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Ferdinand4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Fifty Shades Darker4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Fifty Shades Freed4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
First Blood4kDolby 5.1
First Kiss4kTBDTBD
First Man4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
First Man4kTBDTBD
First Reformed4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Fittest in Dubai4kDolby 5.1
Five Feet Apart4kTBDTBD
Five Feet Apart4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Flatliners (2017)4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Focus (2015)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
For Your Eyes Only (1981)4kDolby 5.1
Forrest Gump4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Free Solo4kTBDTBD
From Russia with Love (1963)4kDolby 5.1
Fury4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Game Night4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Gatsby4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Gemini Man4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Geostorm4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Get Hard4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Get Out4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Ghost in the Shell4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Ghost Light4kTBDTBD
Ghostbusters4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Ghostbusters II4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Gladiator4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
God Bless the Broken Road4kTBDTBD
Gods of Egypt4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Godzilla: King of the Monsters4kTBDTBD
GoldbusterDolby Atmos
GoldenEye (1995)4kDolby 5.1
Goldfinger (1964)4kDolby 5.1
Gone Girl4kDolby 5.1
Good Boys4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Goodbye Christopher Robin4kDolby 5.1
Goodfellas (Remastered)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Goosebumps 24kTBDTBD
Gravity4kDolby Atmos
Grease4kDolby 5.1
Green Book4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Green Book4kTBDTBD
Groundhog Day4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Grown Ups4kDolby 5.1
Grown Ups 24kDolby 5.1
Hacksaw Ridge4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Hala4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Halloween (2018)4kTBDTBD
Hancock4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Happy Death Day4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Happy Death Day 2U4kTBDTBD
Harriet4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 14kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 24kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Head Full of Honey4kTBDTBD
Hell Fest4kTBDTBD
Helpsters4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Hereditary4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Hidden Figures4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
High Life4kTBDTBD
Higher PowerDolby Atmos
Holmes & Watson4kTBDTBD
Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening4kDolby 5.1
Home Alone4kDolby 5.1
Home with a View of the Monster4kDolby 5.1
Hostiles4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Hot Summer Nights4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Hotel Artemis4kDolby 5.1
Hotel Transylvania4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Hotel Transylvania 24kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Hotel Transylvania 34kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
How to Be Single4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
How to Train Your Dragon4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
How to Train Your Dragon 24kHDR10Dolby 5.1
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World4kTBDTBD
Hunter Killer4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Hustlers4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
I Am Legend4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
I Am Not Madame BovaryDolby Atmos
I Still See You4kTBDTBD
Ice Age: Collision Course4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
In Fabric4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
In the Heart of the Sea4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Inception4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Independence Day4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Independence Day: Resurgence4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Inferno4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Inherit the Viper4kDolby 5.1
Instant Family4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Interstellar4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Into the Storm (2014)4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Ip Man 3Dolby Atmos
Isle of Dogs4kDolby 5.1
Isn’t It Romantic (2019)4kTBDTBD
It4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
It Comes At Night4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
It: Chapter Two4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Jack Reacher4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Jason Bourne4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Jerry Maguire4kDolby 5.1
Jexi4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Jigsaw4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
John Wick4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
John Wick: Chapter 24kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Johnny English Strikes Again4kTBDTBD
Joker4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Judy4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Juliet, Naked4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Jumanji (1995)4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Jupiter Ascending4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Jurassic Park4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Jurassic Park III4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Jurassic World4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Justice League4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Justice League vs. the Fatal Five4kTBDTBD
Kick-Ass4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Kin4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
King Kong (2005)4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Kingsman: The Golden Circle4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Kingsman: The Secret Service4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Knowing4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Kong: Skull Island4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
La La Land4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Labyrinth4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Last Christmas4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Lawrence of Arabia (Restored Version)4kDolby 5.1
Lean On Pete4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
LEGO DC: Batman Family Matters4kTBDTBD
Licence to Kill (1989)4kDolby 5.1
Life4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Life of Pi4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Life of the Party4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Lights Out4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Little (2019)4kTBDTBD
Live and Let Die (1973)4kDolby 5.1
Live By Night4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tommorrow4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Lock Up4kDolby 5.1
Logan4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Logan Lucky4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Lone Survivor4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Long Shot4kTBDTBD
Looper4kDolby 5.1
Love, Simon4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Loving Vincent4kDolby 5.1
Low Tide4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Lucy4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Lucy in the Sky4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Mad Max: Fury Road4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Magic Mike XXL4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Mamma Mia! The Movie4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Man of Steel (2013)4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
MarrowboneDolby Atmos
Mary Queen of Scots4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Master Z: Ip Man Legacy4kTBDTBD
Maze Runner: The Death Cure4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Me Before You4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Mechanic Resurrection4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Memory: The Origins of Alien4kDolby 5.1
Men in Black4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Men in Black 34kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Men in Black II4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
MIB International4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Midsommar4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Mile 224kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Minions4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Miss Bala4kTBDTBD
Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Missing Link4kTBDTBD
Mission: Impossible4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Mission: Impossible – Fallout4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Mission: Impossible II4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Mission: Impossible III4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Mojin: The Lost LegendDolby Atmos
Money Monster4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Moneyball4kDolby 5.1
Monster Trucks4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Moon4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Moonlight4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Moonraker (1979)4kDolby 5.1
Mortal Engines4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Mother!4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Motherless Brooklyn4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Mrs. Doubtfire4kDolby 5.1
Murder on the Orient Express4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
National Lampoon’s Van Wilder4kDolby 5.1
Night at the Museum4kDolby 5.1
Night School4kHDR10
Now You See Me4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Now You See Me 24kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Oblivion4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Ocean’s 84kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Octopussy (1983)4kDolby 5.1
Office Christmas Party4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Office Space4kDolby 5.1
Office Space (1999)4kDolby 5.1
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)4kDolby 5.1
On the Basis of Sex4kTBDTBD
Once Upon a TimeDolby Atmos
Once Upon a Time In…Hollywood4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Only the Brave4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Operation MekongDolby Atmos
Operation Red Sea4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Oprah’s Book Club4kDolby 5.1
Our Brand is Crisis (2015)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Overlord4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Pacific Rim4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Pacific Rim: Uprising4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Paddington 24kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Pan4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Pandas (2018)4kDolby 5.1
Paradigm Lost4kDolby 5.1
Paradox4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Parasite4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Passengers4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Pet Sematary (2019)4kTBDTBD
Peter Rabbit4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Phantom Thread4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Philadelphia4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Pineapple Express4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Pitch Perfect4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Pitch Perfect 24kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Pitch Perfect 34kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Pixels4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Point Break (2015)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Pokémon Detective Pikachu4kDolby 5.1
Poltergeist (2015)4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Predator4kDolby 5.1
Pride & Prejudice & Zombies4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Primal4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Prometheus4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Proud Mary4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Punisher: War Zone4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Quantum of Solace (2008)4kDolby 5.1
Railroad TigersDolby Atmos
Rambo4kDolby 5.1
Rambo Last Blood4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Rambo: First Blood Part II4kDolby 5.1
Rampage4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Ready of Not4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Ready Player One4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Red4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Red 24kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Red Joan4kTBDTBD
Red Sparrow4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Reign of the Supermen4kTBDTBD
Resident Evil: Afterlife4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Rise of the Planet of the Apes4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Risen4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
River Runs Red4kTBDTBD
Robin Hood (2018)4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Rocketman4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Rocky4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Roman J. Israel, Esq.4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Room4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Rough Night4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Run All Night4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Saban’s Power Rangers4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Samsara4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
San Andreas4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Sausage Party4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Saving Private Ryan4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Schindler’s List4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
See4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Semper Fi4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Sense and Sensibility4kDolby 5.1
Servant4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Shadow4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Shaft (2019)4kTBDTBD
Sherlock Gnomes4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Sherlock Holmes4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Shutter Island4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Sicario4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Sicario: Day of the Soldado4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Sing4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Skyfall (2013)4kDolby 5.1
Skyscraper4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Slender Man4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Smallfoot4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Smurfs: The Lost Village4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Snatched4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Snitch4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Snoopy In Space4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Snow White & the Huntsman (Extended Edition)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Spectre (2015)4kDolby 5.1
Spider-Man4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Spider-Man 24kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Spider-Man 34kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Spider-Man: Far From Home4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Spider-Man: Homecoming4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse4kTBDTBD
Split4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Star Trek4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Star Trek Beyond4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Star Trek Into Darkness4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Starship Troopers4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Storks4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Straight Outta Compton4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Stuber4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Suburbicon4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Sucker Punch (Extended Edition)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Suicide Squad4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Sully4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Super Troopers 24kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Superfly4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Superman: The Movie4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Swiss Army ManDolby Atmos
T2: Trainspotting4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Tag (2018)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Taxi Driver4kDolby 5.1
Teen Titans Go! To the Movies4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Terminator 2: Judgement Day4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Terminator Genisys4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Terminator: Dark Fate4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Thank You For Your Service4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
That’s My Boy4kDolby 5.1
The 15:17 to Paris4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The 5th Wave4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Accountant4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Aftermath4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Amazing Spider-Man4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Amazing Spider-Man 24kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Angry Birds Movie4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Angry Birds Movie 24kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Art of Racing in the Rain4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
The Art of Self Defense4kTBDTBD
The Assent4kDolby 5.1
The Banana Splits Movie4kTBDTBD
The Big Lebowski4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Bourne Legacy4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Bridge on the River Kwai4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Cabin in the Woods4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Children Act4kTBDTBD
The Commuter4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
The Conjuring4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Curse of La Llorona4kTBDTBD
The Da Vinci Code4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Dark Crystal4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Dark Knight4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Dark Knight Rises4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Dark Tower4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Darkest Minds4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Dead Don’t Die4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Death and Return of Superman4kTBDTBD
The Death of Superman4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Disaster Artist4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Divergent Series: Allegiant4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Divergent Series: Insurgent4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Elephant Queen4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Emoji Movie4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Equalizer4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Equalizer 24kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Expendables4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Expendables 24kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Expendables 34kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Farewell4kDolby 5.1
The Favourite4kDolby 5.1
The Fifth Element4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The First Purge4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Fourth Phase4kDolby 5.1
The Gallows4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Game Changers4kDolby 5.1
The Girl in the Spider’s Web4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Girl on the Train4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Goldfinch4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Great Gatsby4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Great Wall4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Greatest Showman4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
The Hangover4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Hangover Part II4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Hate U Give4kTBDTBD
The Hitman’s Bodyguard4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The HouseDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The House With a Clock In Its Walls4kTBDTBD
The Hunger Games4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 14kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 24kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Huntsman: Winter’s War4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Hurricane Heist4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
The Hustle4kDolby 5.1
The Incredible Hulk4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Intern4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Intruder4kTBDTBD
The Karate Kid4kDolby 5.1
The Kid Who Would Be King4kTBDTBD
The Kitchen4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Last Black Man in San Francisco4kTBDTBD
The Legend of Hercules4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Legend of Tarzan (2016)4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The LEGO Batman Movie4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The LEGO Movie4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part4kTBDTBD
The LEGO Ninjago Movie4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Lincoln Lawyer4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Little Stranger4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Living Daylights (1987)4kDolby 5.1
The Longest Ride4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Lost World: Jurassic Park4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Magnificent Seven (2016)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)4kDolby 5.1
The Martian4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
The Matrix4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Matrix Reloaded4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Matrix Revolutions4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Maze Runner4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Meg4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Meg4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Monkey King 2Dolby Atmos
The Monkey King 3Dolby Atmos
The Morning Show4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Mountain Between Us4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Mule (2018)4kTBDTBD
The Mummy (2017)4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Mustang4kTBDTBD
The Nice Guys4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Nun (2018)4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Peanuts Movie4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Possession of Hannah Grace4kTBDTBD
The Post4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Predator4kTBDTBD
The Princess Bride4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Punisher4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Purge4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Purge: Anarchy4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Purge: Election Year4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Quake4kTBDTBD
The Revenant4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Riot and the Dance: Earth4k
The Secret Life of Pets4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Secret Life of Pets 24kTBDTBD
The Shallows4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Shape of Water4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Silence of the Lambs4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Smurfs 24kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Snowman4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Spy Who Dumped Me4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)4kDolby 5.1
The Star4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
The Thousand Faces of DunjiaDolby Atmos
The Town (2010)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
The Turkey Bowl4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
The Wave4kDolby 5.1
The World Is Not Enough (1999)4kDolby 5.1
Them That Follow4kDolby 5.1
This Is The End4kDolby 5.1
Thoroughbreds4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Thunderball (1965)4kDolby 5.1
Tiger Zinda HaiDolby Atmos
Tomb Raider (2018)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)4kDolby 5.1
Transformers4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Transformers: Age of Extinction4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Transformers: Dark of the Moon4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Transformers: The Last Knight4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Truth Be Told4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Truth or Dare4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Tully4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Twilight Saga: New Moon, The4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 14kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 24kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Uncle Drew4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Unforgiven4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Unsane4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Us (2019)4kTBDTBD
Vacation4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Venom4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Victoria & Abdul4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
View from a Blue Moon4kDolby 5.1
War Dogs (2016)4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
War for the Planet of the Apes4kHDR10Dolby Atmos
Warcraft4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Warrior4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
We Are Your Friends4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Welcome to Marwen4kTBDTBD
West Side Story4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
White Boy Rick4kTBDTBD
Wild4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
Wolf Warrior 2Dolby Atmos
Wonder4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Wonder Park4kTBDTBD
Wonder Woman4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Wonder Woman: Bloodlines4kDV/HDR10Dolby 5.1
Wonders of the Sea4kTBDTBD
X-Men: Apocalypse4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
X-Men: Dark Phoenix4kTBDTBD
X-Men: Days of Future Past4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
X-Men: First Class4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
xXx: Return of Xander Cage4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Yesterday4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
You Only Live Twice (1967)4kDolby 5.1
You Were Never Really Here4kHDR10Dolby 5.1
You Were Never Really Here4kDolby 5.1
Zombieland: Double Tap4kDV/HDR10Dolby Atmos
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil4kDV/HDR10TBD
Pain and Glory4kDV/HDR10TBD
Long Shot4kDV/HDR10TBD
The Aftermath4kDV/HDR10TBD
Pet Sematary (2019)4kDV/HDR10TBD
Pokémon: Detective Pikachu4kDV/HDR10TBD
The Peanut Butter Falcon4kDV/HDR10TBD
Toy Story 44kDV/HDR10TBD
The Lion King4kDV/HDR10TBD
Where’d You Go, Bernadette4kDV/HDR10TBD
Solo: A Star Wars Story4kDV/HDR10TBD
Avengers: Endgame4kDV/HDR10TBD
Avengers: Infinity War4kDV/HDR10TBD
Captain Marvel4kDV/HDR10TBD
Black Panther4kDV/HDR10TBD
Hotel Transylvania4kDV/HDR10TBD