What’s New On Netflix Mexico: All The Latest Movies & Shows

What’s New On Netflix Mexico: All The Latest Movies & Shows

Netflix Mexico maintains an extensive catalog. However, there is always room for more. Here’s a list of the latest shows and movies that have been added to the catalog in December 2020.

Qlimax The Source

It’s hard to fit Qlimax into one single category since it covers several genres across different episodes. At its core, it is an adventure story about seven priests spread across six realms. Qlimax is a mystical world where anything is possible, and everything is permitted. The impressive audiovisual art style has been lauded as revolutionary for a show on such a tight budget.

Rhyme Time Town Singalongs

This is a particular children’s favorite. It has several songs meant to teach and entertain children at the same time. Rhyme Time uses singalongs to encourage children to use their imagination and develop problem-solving skills. There are familiar rhymes as well as a few new ones, all guaranteed to get your child to, well, sing along.

Shaun the Sheep

This is a fun time to be a Shaun the Sheep fan as all the seasons of the show, and the movie are all coming to Netflix Mexico. Told in a stop-motion visual style, Shaun the Sheep is about a group of animals on a farm and their daily lives. But their lives are not nearly as mundane as you’d expect as every day’s filled with different shenanigans.

London Hughes: To Catch a D*ck

Television presenter London Hughes looks back through her career, retelling unfiltered stories, and wild escapades. It’s a trip down memory lane for her as she recalls all the hardships, struggles, and sacrifices that have made her a smart and (happily) single successful woman.

How To Access Netflix Mexico

If you’re a fan of any of the shows and movies listed above, you may find them unavailable on your country’s Netflix. If so, then fear not. Here’s a simple way you can access Mexican Netflix:

  • Sign up for a VPN subscription
  • Install the VPN browser extension and connect to a Mexican server
  • Log in to your Netflix account and use as normal
Yasir Nawaz
Yasir Nawaz

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