How To Watch Yuri On Ice On Netflix Today in 2021

How To Watch Yuri On Ice On Netflix Today in 2021

Yuri on Ice, a Japanese anime movie, features Yuri Katsuki, a figure skater who takes a break from his career after defeat in the Grand Prix finals. Yuri later leaves for his hometown, Hasetsu, Kyushu. While at home, he visits his childhood friend who mimics his career idol, Victor Nikiforov, a Russian champion in his skating.

An upload of his performance reaches Victor, who travels to Hasetsu and offers to coach and revive his career. Yuri Plisetsky, a Russian skater, learns of Victor’s decision and follows him to ensure Victor keeps his promise.

Victor brings the two skaters for a head-on competition and promises to coach the winner. Katsuki wins over Plisetsky, but both qualify to represent their countries in the Grand Prix Championship. During this championship, Victor and Yuri Katsuki become very close. Here’s how you can watch Yuri on Ice on Netflix today. 

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Yuri on Ice Cast

Toshiyuki Toyonaka, C. Clinton Campbell, Wataru Hatano, Junichi Suwabe, Kei Hayami, K. Uchiyama, K. Sakai, Ayumu Murase, Mariya Ise 

Age Restrictions and Genre

Yuri on Ice is an animation movie featuring sports, comedy, and gay romance. It is rated TV-14.

Yuri on Ice IMDB Rating

Yuri on Ice is rated 8.3/10

Available at Platforms

Yuri on Ice is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes Store, YouTube, and Google Play.

How to watch Yuri on Ice on Netflix using VPN

Limited episodes of Yuri on Ice are available on United States Netflix. Thus, you need a VPN to unblock the complete show.

With VPN, you get unlimited access to other popular animes like Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon and Attack on Titan by following these steps:

  1. Sign up for a VPN subscription
  2. Install the VPN browser extension
  3. Log in to your Netflix account and use as normal
Yasir Nawaz
Yasir Nawaz

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