Here’s The Best Way To Watch Krampus on Netflix From Anywhere Online

Here’s The Best Way To Watch Krampus on Netflix From Anywhere Online

Krampus features the Engels, a dysfunctional family that disregards Christmas family traditions. However, Max Engel has an unwavering belief in Santa Claus and even writes a letter to him. His cousins get hold of this letter and read it out loud, mocking him. This makes Max angry, causing him to tear the letter and throws it out through the window. The result is an attack by an ancient demonic spirit, Krampus, who punishes people who have abandoned the Christmas spirit. The family faces a series of unprecedented terrifying events that bring them together in a joint fight and care for one another with the hope of surviving. Here’s how you can watch Krampus on Netflix from anywhere.

Krampus Trailer

Krampus Cast

Emjay Anthony, Lolo Owen, Toni C. Galafassi, D. Michael Koechner, Stefania L. Owen, A. Paul Scott, C. Galen Ferrell, A. Cara Tolman, Leith Towers, Krista Stadler, Mark Atkin

Age Restrictions and Genre

Krampus is a comedy-drama. It features profanity and horrific terror scenes and violence; hence, it is rated PG-13.

Krampus IMDB Rating

Krampus is rated 6.1/10

Available at Platforms

Krampus is available for online streaming and purchase at Amazon Prime Video, iTunes Store, YouTube, Microsoft, Netflix, and Vudu.

How To Access Krampus on Netflix Using a VPN

Krampus is not available in the United States Netflix library. Thus, to watch it, you need a VPN, a tool that will help you unlock the movie with the following simple steps.

  1. Sign up for a VPN subscription
  2. Install the VPN browser extension
  3. Log in to your Netflix account and use as normal 
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